Upgrade your Nook Color to version 1.2 manually using these steps. The link we used is www.barnesandnoble.com

7 Responses to “How to Upgrade Nook Color to 1.2”

  • xSevZz says:

    For some reason, it says that I cannot open the file to my nook color when I plug in the usb to the comp without the SD card. With the sd card in the nook, I can only open the SD card. help me?

  • running4fun77 says:

    my will not update? any suggestions.

  • technipages says:

    I don’t think anything will happen if you’re rooted. There is a root 1.2 that will be released that you can manually upgrade to though.

  • charliebell01 says:

    if i wait for the automatic update and my nook is still rooted wtf will happen? thanks for your replies

  • charliebell01 says:

    basically i want this for the flash capabilities but there’s more and more people talking about bricked nooks !!

  • technipages says:

    All my data was intact after the upgrade.

  • charliebell01 says:

    i want to update mine but, they say the update erases everything and wi-fi fails so whats what?

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