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Buy PRS-650: Sony PRS-650 Written Review: This Sony PRS-650 review shows all the new features, settings, and demonstrates the touchscreen and the various ways to customize viewing ebooks. This PRS-650 review is one of several so make sure to visit The eBook’s YouTube channel for more ebook reader reviews and helpful information:

Buy PRS-950: PRS-950 Review (Written): This video is an editorial review of the Sony PRS-950 Daily Edition ebook reader. The video is a walk-through of the PRS 950′s features, showing ebooks, the new web browser, the online store, and more. Make sure to visit The-eBook-Reader YouTube Channel for more ereader reviews, including the PDF review for the PRS-950: For questions about the PRS 950, visit The eBook or post a comment on The eBook Reader Blog. I will happily answer your questions.

SUBSCRIBE @ or Like Us @ Facebook.Com/TheRioDeals Sony PlayStation 1 Gray Console and Konami NBA In The Zone Questions??? 407-900-1914 Website: Facebook News: Twitter Alerts: YouTube Reviews: RioDealAuctions: Auctions areheld through out the week, pictures of upcoming auctions will be added on our facebook page and an alert will be made via twitter before starting, one week before start of the auctions so stay tuned! Remember all of our reviewed items can also be found at:

New Nook vs Sony Reader Written Review: This video review compares the new Nook Touch versus the Sony Reader Pocket Edition, demoing the different features between them for ebooks, PDF files, layout options, etc. Nook Review: Sony Reader Reviews:

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